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Thursday, November 8, 2012

hey guys! meets this girl~


have u seen this girl?
eh, bukan lah... ni bukan posting pasal carik orang hilang.. Let me introduce u....(teng..teng..tenggg...)
my sister! yey! (overlah u~) hold up? u never see her? pity u.. tak nampak ke muka kami dah macam salin-tampal ni? or maybe shes more beauty than me ;)  Its ok there,, main topic today its her.. 

Her name is Ekyn Yaacob.. 19years old, taken and 2nd in our siblings~ But, what I want to highlight here is she has a blog too! Dia mula start berbloging awal tahun 2012 hari tu.. quite newbie.. but she is impressive because already have 63 posts! (maybe she get so much free time..huhu)

cakap banyak pun tak guna..haha its better you guys check hers out!

name: Ekyn Yaacob

don't forget to follow her~

p/s: she already taken..hahhaa