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Sunday, February 24, 2013

MANGLISH - Only we Malaysian understand it!


hari ni nak share sumting yang interesting skit ngn korang.. This semester, i take EPC subject. it stand for English for Professional Communication. Our first class held on last Thursday. (sape tak datang ari tu,,moh kite patah balik ari Khamis - 21/2/2013)  and on that day its my first time hear about MANGLISH language! hahaha..korang tahu tak apa Manglish ni?

MANGLISH is short for Malaysian English, though some might argue that it is Mangled English. but i prefer its ia a Malaysian English because at Singapore called as Singlish stand for Singaporean English. My lecture said that Manglish is a english language that have been mangled by Malaysian people. Korang bayangkan, macam telur + butter masukan dalam satu bekas, lepas tu gaul/kacau kasi sebati..hasilnya tu.. cam Manglish la..hahaha tak dapat bayangkan ek? *krik2

ok lah,, kasi korang senag sikit nak paham, korang baca dulu artikel ni..

Aitelyu ah, nemmain wat deblardigarmen say, mose Malaysians tok Manglish. Bekoswai? Bekos we all shai oni to to spik prawper English - arfturds peeple ting we trying to ackshun oni. But Manglish is best-lah when you want to seemply tokkok like fren-fren, lah. Donkair you Malay or Chinese or Indian or everyting miksup. At the mamak stall, in the awfis, sitting araun in the kopi-shop, we Malaysians orways tok like dis wankain oni - got kick wat!

paham tak? ayooo..u are malaysian what. you should understand lah...hahaha

Dalam kelas hari tu, lect bagi soalan power punye.. yang confirm foreign tak buleh jawab.hahahha. Madam suh kitorang diam, bagi Muhammad (the foreign guy name) yang jawab. Sebenarnya aku pon cam tak yakin boleh jawab. sebab bukan terer sangat English. Then, she ask him.. "do you know what Gostan means?" kami satu kelas pakat gelak... Muhammad dah terpinga2...memang dia x taw lah kan..huhu "You see,,only Malaysian understand it. and if you talk to them, they can even act"..  she's true,, OMG,,she's so funny..

English: Would you reverse your car?
Manglish: Gostan!  (where we get this word? - no answer)

here i let you with some Manglish dictionary.. u better learn ya?haha

ackchwurly – originally “actually” – used in Manglish as a sentence starter, e.g., “to be perfectly honest” or “frankly spikking ah.”
ackshun (oni) – derived from “action” – meaning “to show off.”

aidontch-main - corruption of "I don't mind" - the extraneous syllable 'ch' indicates that the speaker is well aware of the subtleties of the English language and is making an effort to sound the 't' in "don't."

aisehman - contraction of "I say, man!" A totally meaningless utterance, most commonly used by those with absolutely nothing to say.

aiskad (lah) - confession of nervousness, as in "I'm scared, don't have the guts to do it."

aisodono - expression of ignorance, probably imported from India, originally: "I also don't know" (polite variation of "Damned if I know!").

arfturds – contraction of “afterwards” – often used to imply consequence or effect, e.g., “You don’t hit me ah, arfturds I tell my farder!”; also used in place of “later” (“We go and see pickcher first, arfturds can have sahper.”)

atoyu (wat) - gentle expression of triumph: "What did I tell you?"

baiwanfriwan - ploy used mainly by Chinese shop assistants to promote sales: "If you buy one, you'll get one free!"

hauken - another elastic expression applicable in almost any situation, e.g., "That's not right!" or "Impossible!" or "You don't say!"

ho-laif - adverb, meaning "perpetually" (contraction of "whole life").

huseso - "Says who?" or "Who says so?" (alternatively, hused).

hutoyu - mild challenge, as in "Who told you?"

izzit - expression of mild unbelief: "Is that so?"

izzenit - from "isn't it?" but applied very loosely at the end of any particular statement to elicit an immediate response, e.g., "Yused you will spen me a beer, izzenit?"

kennonot - request or enquiry, contraction of "Can you or can you not?"; also used as "May I?"  or "Will you?" or "Is it possible?"

more about : A COMPACT GLOSSARY OF COMMON MANGLISH WORDS & PHRASES (this is the blog that Madam show to us)

rasa-rasa cam pernah guna tak ayat2 tu?hahaha we are Malaysian what? masti la tahu...

Penegasan: Sila jangan gunakan bahasa Manglish dalam sebarang penulisan atau majlis formal. Sangat perlu dielakkan ketika sesi temuduga.

Assertion: Please do not use Manglish language in any writing or formal occasions. Very should be avoided during the interview session.

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